Who is the provider / operator of the app?

Evolute CX GmbH


Contact details of the provider

Speditionstraße 15a; 40221 Düsseldorf; Tel: +49 172 765 34 31 / Mail: info@evolute.app


For which user data does the app require which access rights?

We (Evolute CX GmbH) store the following personal data:

  • Username – which you set for your profile.
  • E-mail address – which you use for login
    IP address – of your cell phone: that’s what an app needs
  • Photos/videos/texts – which you upload: this is necessary for the dialog in Evolute Connect
    Note: Photos/videos of products & tools without showing you or personal environment of you are not personal data.
  • Times: When you uploaded content and use the Connect app: So that we and industry companies can analyze the data entered into Evolute Connect.

How long will my personal data be stored?

As long as you use the Connect app or until you request deletion.
Data about a campaign that has already been submitted or published to the industry company cannot be deleted – in this case, the reference to you as a user will be deleted.

Is user behavior/data evaluated by tracking tools?**.

We use or plan to use the following tracking tools: Google Analytics, Hubspot, Hotjar, Intercom or the Facebook SDK.**
This is necessary to make the app better and to maintain the best possible contact with you as a user. 

If you have deactivated external tracking tools for the Evolute app, the above mentioned tracking will be deactivated.


Is the data transferred to third parties, if so for what purpose?

We transfer your answers to the product feedbacks i.e. the text and the name of your company to the user who sent you the feedback and visible in the „home screen“ of the app for all users.
Note: Only the company name is displayed here, not your username/mail address. It is therefore not personal data.
Purpose: this is exactly the purpose of our platform/app, you have a cockpit to get product feedback & ideas and respond to users (we forward and organize the rest in the background).
We use different tools and platforms to develop app, website & platform as well as to keep contact with you as a user. These are IT infrastructure environments. We do not transfer personal data to other companies.
We currently use the following IT platforms from Evolute- we reserve the right to make changes in the future:

  • Herokuapp https://www.heroku.com/ :
    Purpose: hosting the platform, database, backend processes.
  • Amazon Web Services: https://aws.amazon.com/de/ 
    Purpose: storing data within the app
  • Google Cloud: https://cloud.google.com/ 
    Purpose: storing data within the app
  • Sentry: https://sentry.io/ Purpose: alerting and fixing bugs
  • Sendinblue: www.sendinblue.com Purpose: sending e-mails e.g. for notifications, newsletters, user support
  • Sendgrid: www.sendgrid.com Purpose: sending e-mails e.g. for notifications, automated mails as part of the feedback process
  • Hubspot: www.hubspot.de 
    Purpose: CRM system. For customer support, we store when you contacted us or when we contacted you. Among other things our newsletter

What rights does the user have regarding deletion, blocking and correction of his data?

As a user, you can ask us to delete, block or correct your personal data.
→ To do so, please simply write an email to: datenschutz@evolute.app


How can the user object?

If you want to object to the above use of your data within the Evolute Connect app & platform- simply do not use this app.


Who can I contact with questions?

If you have any questions about data protection, please send us an email to datenschutz@evolute.app Subject: Data protection question


This english data protection document is provided out of courtesey and translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator. The original DP agreement is assessable via dp-connectapp